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About Us - Liverpool Hospitality

The Voice of the Liverpool Hospitality Sector

Liverpool Hospitality is a collection of large number of Hospitality Businesses working collaboratively to be a single voice within the Liverpool City Region.

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Meet The Exec Team

Marcus Magee - General Manager, Hilton Liverpool                                     Co-Chairman

Paul Askew - Chef Patron, Arts School Restaurant                                         Co-Chairman

Steven Hesketh - CEO, Savvy Hotel Group                                                       Vice Chairman

Enda Rylands - Director, EPR Hospitality                                                           Treasurer

Howard Lewis - General Manager, Novotel Paddington Village                  Committee

Neil Brailsford - General Manager, Pullman Hotel                                          Committee

Stephen Crawley - Chief Exec, Love Lane Brewery                                        Committee

Christine Henney - Human Resource Director, Titanic Hotel                        Committee

Candice Fonseca - Proprietor, Delifonseco                                                    Committee

Peter Schriewersmann - CEO, Happy Days Group                                         Committee

Helen Roberts, Area General Manager - Holiday Inn Express                        Committee


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